Peter Doyle 2

Meet Peter Doyle – our Diocesan Safeguarding Support Officer

January 29, 2016

Peter is one of five recently appointed Safeguarding Support Officers in the Church in Wales. His role is to advise and support our diocese as we move into a new and safer culture.

His initial task is to get to know us better. He is our first point of contact for anything relating to the safety of children and adults within our diocese.

We need to get to know him too, so that we will be confident to pick up the phone and ask him for help.

Peter’s Contact Details
Phone: 07881 016 189
Email: [email protected]

I asked him,

“How will we know we need to contact you?”

“I am here to advise and help with whatever questions people have in respect of safeguarding.”

He believes in early dialogue – so contact him sooner rather than later. He would be delighted to meet with any member of the diocese if they feel it would be beneficial.

Peter works mainly from his home, although you will also find him at Eastmoor and the Brecon Diocesan Centre.

“What are the changes that Peter is here to help us with?”

“The principles of safeguarding apply to anyone attending church as a worshipper and everybody taking part in any church led activity. It is also about ensuring that those who work with children or vulnerable adults are well advised about the issues around safeguarding.

I am going to start by meeting the Ministry Area Leaders but if you want me to visit your church council
– or deanery, just give me a call
07881 016 189 

“We now have a Provincial Safeguarding Policy in place; it covers the whole of the Church in Wales. I can offer support and advice on how you interpret and implement the document in your local area. The key thing is that each PCC is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for children and adults alike. Peter is here to help your church understand the new culture and also to help you develop safe working practices. “

Peter’s role is advisory; the Provincial Head of Safeguarding holds responsibility for all casework management.

Speaking about the new role, Head of Safeguarding Mrs Elaine Cloke said: “I am pleased that we are now in a position to directly work with parishes on providing advice and support on safeguarding policy, safe recruitment and provide training to all who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults in our Church communities.

Peter is a retired Detective Chief Inspector from South Wales Police, having spent many years working within child protection. His new post is part-time (18 hours per week). He is currently studying for a Masters degree in Criminology at Swansea University. In his spare time he like to run and cycle and enjoys sea fishing. He has a great love of travelling and he is enjoying the landscapes in Swansea and Brecon.