Getting Out More … And Inviting In

October 12, 2015

Mission, ‘going out in the power of the Spirit’ can happen spontaneously when we suddenly catch sight of something God is doing in our area. We see it – there’s a light-bulb moment – and we join in.

It has been like this with the plight of the refugees and migrants arriving on the shores of Europe– or with the food-banks in our own country. Churches have seen the need and are engaging in acts of generosity and service.

Another way of getting involved in mission is by having a simple strategic approach. In other words,

by being intentional about evangelism and mission in our parish or Ministry Area.

Here’ the idea – it’s not new, but it may just be so familiar that we have stopped noticing it.

HOPE brings churches together in mission. The goal is to see individuals and communities in villages, towns and cities throughout the UK transformed by Jesus’ love.

Take a look at the calendar, at the annual cycle of events with which we are already engaged. Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, ‘Mothers’ Day’, Easter. Add in some more like Advent, New Year, Plough Sunday, Farmhouse Breakfast week, St. Dwynwen or Valentines Day, Fathers’ Day, Summer Fun Days… and then think about how you can use these occasions as a means of reaching out to groups within your community.

‘Hope’ is a mission network covering the British Isles; it has come up with a new resource called Hope Together – Rhythm of Mission that is based on the calendar year. Take a look at their website – you may see ideas you would like to try (like a summer holiday club for the over 60s…) or events to take part in (like the Stadium Carols in Swansea) or community building activities.

This way of looking at things enables us to think about going out in mission and service – but it does more! You can use the same principle to invite new people to join us in worship at key times of year.

Rhythm of mission