Study Guide A5 Cover

From Vision to Mission

January 22, 2016

In Swansea and Brecon we have known for a long time what we want to become: a family, rooted in Christ, committed to transforming lives by Gathering as God’s people, Growing more like Jesus and Going out in the power of the Spirit. In other words, we want our lives and faith to make a difference in our world.

1. The Diocese will have vibrant Ministry Areas for mission at the heart of our communities
2. The Diocese will be structured and governed for mission
3. The Diocese will provide learning and discipleship programmes to deliver its mission
4. The Diocese will seek to build God’s Kingdom in community and public life
5. The Diocesan mission and ministry will be sustainable and resourced

It’s all very well knowing what we want to become but we also need a plan to help us achieve it – which is where our strategic aims come in.

There’s a new resource to help your church or parish or Ministry Area begin to make your own local plans. We have called the resource “Making Missional Communities” it is a five-session course designed to accompany the Diocesan Strategy. It takes as its starting point the short Bible verses that lie at the heart of each Strategic Aim. It encourages us to imagine what each of the aims might mean in our own context and challenges us to become communities with mission at our heart.

Making Missional Communities is a free A5 booklet for every member of your study group and you can collect as many copies as you need from Eastmoor or the Diocesan Centre in Brecon. You can use it during Lent or at any other point during the year.