Brecon Cathedral

April 11, 2016

There are things visitors expect to find in any medieval Cathedral – and Brecon certainly delivers architecture and spirituality. But you might be surprised to discover that Brecon Cathedral also lets you enjoy the ‘digital augmented reality’ of Agincourt (watch the story of a local archer in a 2.5 minute video) – and will shortly have wifi so that you can access online guides and information.

It’s not all down to technology! There will still be a team of people on hand to welcome the many groups and individuals who visit the Cathedral each year.

The Cathedral is engaging in new ways of mission and partnership working. The Dean

The Dean and Chapter are investing in new technologies and new partnerships as they work to develop the mission of the Cathedral, particularly in two key areas: education and tourism. Last year, for instance, over 500 school children attended workshops in the Cathedral and Museum during the autumn and in the run up to Christmas. The annual service for school leavers, which marks their transition from primary to secondary education, will see a further 300 take part in a Cathedral celebration in a few months time.

Brecon Cathedral is a great venue for concerts and, combined with its involvement with the Brecon Jazz Festival, it attracts a breadth of musical visitors. Two Jazz events will be on offer in August.

Many other visitors find their way to the Cathedral through historical military connections. The Cathedral is part of the Agincourt 600 Trail – along with Monmouth, Abergavenny and Tretower.

You can find out more on the Cathedral’s new website, , and also on Facebook and Twitter – take a look at the website to find out more!